Johtajan työkalupakki-avoimet kysymykset

Johtaja johtaa hurmioon, ojaan ja allikkoon. Työkseen hän käyttää keskimäärin eniten suutaan, koska tietää, että oikein valittu sana on tuhat kuvaa, väärin valittu kymmenen tuhatta.

Sanojen merkitystä johtajan kannattaa kokeilla tiimipalaverissa. Aloita avoimella kysymyksellä; -mitä kuuluu? Tarkkaile tiimiläisten kehonkieltä. Mitä näet? kädet, silmät, kehon asento, vastaukset, into?

Kokeile seuraavaksi suljettua kysymystä; -miksi raportti on myöhässä? Tarkkaile kehon kieltä, mitä näet?

Avoimet kysymykset johtavat hurmioon:

  • Mitä. Muita kysymyssanoja ei tarvitakaan (paitsi Turussa sanaa “kui”). Mitä aloittaa aidon avoimen kysymyksen, johon vastaus on pitkä ja neutraali pohdinta. Kysyjällä on oikea motiivi ja vastaaja on kuulolla.

Suljetut kysymykset johtavat ojasta allikkoon:

  • Miksi. Älä käytä miksiä. se on sana, joka on ladattu täyteen oletusta. Miksi aloittaa monologin, jossa vastaaja on altavastaaja.

Halua hurmioon. Käytä avoimia kysymyksiä.

Softer skills matter

Soft skills matter – 85%.

As the graph below shows, soft skills have a tremendous impact on the success of personal career building (Harvard University).


Startups are often founded and managed by people with excellent hard skills. Engineers, designers, and other specialists implementing their visions. Sometimes the lack of soft skills can destroy the dream as the team does not perform as it should.

If the CEO would focus more on soft skills it might have true impact on the way his management team works and thus directly to company performance.

It is all about people.

Emotional Intelligence EQ

This is a peculiar finding: people with average IQ’s outperform those with the highest IQ’s 70 % of the time!


I thought the CEO must always be the best engineer in the team. Well, myth busted and there is room for a CEO with strong soft skills to motivate the team to excellence.

Soft skills are the best predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal and team excellence.

Emotional intelligence is the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack.


Open the link below and read more about emotional intelligence by Travis Bradberry.

Source: Bradberry

Reverse mentoring

Think about mixing the establishment and the startups to create new business innovations. Take the millennials from the startups and reverse mentor with the established companies and engage into new business development.

You can learn from the millennials!

Check the video on reverse mentoring, source TeDx/Lisa Bonner

OP Innovation Factory

OP Financial Group invests in health 

OP Financial Group aims to become a diversified services company expanding from current banking, non-life insurance and wealth management to health and wellbeing business.

“Underlying the change in strategy are the dramatic changes in the financing business environment and customer behaviour”, says Reijo Karhinen, President, OP Financial Group.

Why health and wellbeing?

A banker bets on big and growing businesses – and that is exactly what health and wellbeing is. And it is built on strong global megatrends such as population ageing and fast (bad) food effects to health, which enable long term profitable revenue streams.

“In the changing operating environment, only those actors will succeed that are able to reinvent themselves and thereby offer the best possible customer experience irrespective of time, place and service channel”, says Karhinen.

How to reinvent?


“Original Innovation Factory was my biggest invention, not the light bulb”, explained Thomas Edison on his revolutionary Menlo Park open office. Changing the way people work and interact resulted in 400 patents in no time!

How to reinvent OP?

OP Innovation Factory.oopeeA start up accelerator inside OP.






Arctic15 – North of Tinder

Online matchmaking @ Arctic15 Deal Room, June 2-3rd, 2016.

Arctic15 provides startups the right people in the room, the perfect size, and optimized networking to the maximum: The Deal Room, Pre-Event Matchmaking, Ad-Hoc Meetings, Networking Areas, Side Events, Workshops and more. Meet me in the Deal Room.


Health goes digital

Health goes digital – and fast. Near future health tech innovations will disrupt and change the permanent-industry to a set of fast movers. The new pioneers include true transformers like EHO-tex working on smart textiles and set to change the way you walk or breath. Check the pioneers.

EHO-tex wins

Congrats Austris and team for winning most promising startup award @ ULF

Changemaker – design

Fun Theory Pianostairs

Why step on the piano?

  • design conflicts with the expected
  • design is true and authentic
  • design echoes the audience, but is a voice of the sender

Only bad design filters sales more than good design.

What do you think?

br. Vikki

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