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Business Coach

Is your company in a period of transition, crisis or change? Do you need a senior manager for the job? Do you want to engage for a set period only?

Our offer is a business coach. One, who has proven heavyweight skills in leadership and management of change within an organization.

Business Coach: 1.250 € / day. Ask for a detailed offer including business coach’s CV and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Mentor Sprint

What keeps you awake at night? What about your team? Would you like to have an in-house anchored outside-in-view to the questions above?

Our offer is a trusted sprint mentor for you and your team. The Mentor Sprint is a three-month, shared journey to team excellence. It includes 12 one hour F2F-meetings with you and your team and a final report with recommended actions.

The Mentor Sprint:  Ask for a detailed offer including mentor CV concerning your journey to team excellence and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reverse Mentoring

Would you like to learn from the startup? Where do you get the best startups from? How do you organize the mentoring?

Our offer is a carefully selected startup CEO fitted to your situation. Our existing startup community gives us access to startups in various maturity phases for you to select. We use a proven process to set up the mentoring with you.

Reverse Mentoring: Ask for a detailed offer on reverse mentoring including startup profile and CEO CV and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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