About Vikki

VikkiI am an executive coach, CEO at Jester and board professional..

In my childhood home cultures collided in all aspects; -lots of visitors from foreign countries, strange food, unknown languages. A strange soup, that made me curious towards people, cultures and language.

Throughout my career I have been involved with management of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams working on many different business areas; food, cars, internet consultancy, digital design. Through the career successes and failures I have learned that it is the team that makes the success, nothing else. For the past few years I have been involved heavily with startups as an end2end coach for the startup CEO in Vertical Accelerator. In comparison to the established company I find it fascinating how flexibly the best startup-teams work, function and interact.

Can we mix the established with the startup for greater performance?

I coach the CEO and the management team of established corporations, SME’s and startups in challenging situations concerning change. My focus is on people and team excellence.

Contact me. Let’s discuss you, your team and team excellence.

br. Vikki

LinkedIn  Vikki Noreila profile

Website  www.vikkinoreila.com

Twitter #vikkinoreila

Email vikki.noreila(at)gmail.com

Mob. +358 40 5050930

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