About Vikki

VikkiI am a coach and my job and responsibility is to ensure continuous wellbeing of the client CEO and his/her management team.

My childhood home taught me respect of people and cultures in many aspects; -my parents hosted foreign business friends, we ate strange food, we heard new languages – all the time. Being part of this houlabalou made me curious towards people, cultures, languages and stories.

Throughout my career as CEO or team leader I have been involved with management of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams working on many different business areas; fast moving consumer goods, ICT, automobiles, internet consultancy, digital design, coaching. Through my career successes and failures I have learned that it is the wellbeing of the people that enables success of a company, nothing else.

Contact me. Let’s discuss you.

br. Vikki

LinkedIn  Vikki Noreila profile


Website  www.vikkinoreila.com

Website http://www.jester.fi

Twitter #vikkinoreila

Email vikki.noreila(at)gmail.com

Mob. +358 40 5050930

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